Update: 26/07 @ 10pm GMT
The status of the new update has changed to In Review as of about three hours ago.

Update: 27/07 @ 4:45am GMT
Looks like Apple didn't consider the situation extenuating enough. To be fair to them, they've got their own problems right now with the developer website hack. This meant the normal expedited review form is off line, so maybe they didn't read the review notes begging for the expedited review, and maybe the support email I sent wasn't able to make it to the right department in time. Either way, at this stage I don't believe there'll be an update this weekend. If you can, please use these instructions to roll the update back. (Windows users: replace the word "Finder" with "Windows Explorer", and "Trash" with "Recycle Bin".)

Update: 31/07 @ sometime am GMT
The 2.0.1 update has been released to the App Store. This release contains the fixes listed below and should rectify the reliability issues from the 2.0.0 update. A couple of users have updated and have confirmed they are finding LTP stable again. Now the work will start to add back the double-tapping option, and a few other usability requests. The website will be brought back on line shortly.

We stuffed up

There's no other way to describe it; there are no excuses to make. You counted on LiveTrax Pro to not let you down, and it did in the worst possible way.

In fact, we did.

At this stage, another update has been submitted to the App Store, and we've begged Apple to expedite the approval process. However, there still some time before we'll know whats happening.

After all the feedback, three serious bugs were found:

  • Large music libraries (in the thousands of songs plus range) cause LTP to take too long to start, hitting the iPad's time limit for app startup. This would cause the iPad to terminate LTP.
  • Scrolling the setlist to the extreme beginning and end, so that no songs were showing, would cause LTP to crash.
  • Deleting a duplicate song added by accidentally double-tapping the track list would cause LTP to crash.

All of these have been fixed. On top of that, the following usability bugs were fixed:

  • Selecting a song in the setlist won't replace the currently playing song.
  • Selecting a song in the setlist always cues it when nothing is playing.
  • In some instances, you had to tap a song more than one time to cue it.
  • Sometimes, play had to be tapped more than once to start the cued track playing

This article can help you restore the previous version of LTP in most cases:

iPad 101: Reverting to an older version of an application
(Thanks to the Unofficial Apple Weblog)

In the meantime, please contact support with any concerns or queries and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can download the user guide for the current release.

We use and depend on LiveTrax Pro, just like you. Sorry doesn't go half way to fixing how much we failed here. Normal website operation will return once the issues are sorted.

LiveTrax Pro